Silver Simulations

This is a simulator for cellular automata made with HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

When in draw mode, place cells by clicking on the grid with the primary mouse button. Change states with the menu next to the draw button, and "auto" switches between states 0 and 1.

When in move mode, navigate by clicking and dragging the grid.

When in select mode, select an area by clicking and dragging the edges.

Keyboard Controls:

Enter to start/stop

n to play next generation

WASD Keys to navigate

] to zoom in

[ to zoom out

1 to enter draw mode

2 to enter move mode

3 to enter select mode

x to cut using internal clipboard

c to copy using internal clipboard

v to paste using internal clipboard

Ctrl-c to copy using system clipboard

Ctrl-v to paste using system clipboard

z to undo

Shift-z to redo

t to reset the pattern

r to randomize the selected area or rotate the pattern to be pasted

Shift-r to rotate the pattern to be pasted counter clockwise

k to clear

i to invert states 0 and 1

m to set a marker

delete to delete a selected marker

Shift-s to select entire pattern

f to fit the window to the pattern

Shift-f to flip pattern to be pasted vertically